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How experienced is Dr. Mata with dental implants?

Dr. Mata has been placing implants since he received his Doctor or Dental Surgery at UCLA in 1978 and completed his Periodontal Residency at Tufts University in Tufts University in Boson, MA in 1984. He treats hundreds of patients each year who are seeking dental implant reconstruction and participates in rigorous specialty programs and continuing education in order to keep ahead of the curve in the most recent advances in dental implant surgery.

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How do dental implants work?

We place a titanium screw in your jaw that acts as an anchor or root for your artificial tooth. Through a process called osseointegration, the implant fuses with the jawbone, permanently stabilizing the new tooth and allowing it to function naturally.

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What are the steps involved in having a dental implant placed with Dr. Mata?

You’ll begin with a consultation appointment with Dr. Mata for dental implant surgery in which we assess your overall health and the health of your jaw. Once we’ve reviewed the different options that would work best for you, we work together to create a treatment plan, including the form of anesthesia you’d like to use.

Finally, you will come in for a follow up appointment that will be scheduled after your surgery. Once the implant has healed, we will perform another short procedure to expose the implant so that your dentist or prosthodontist can begin making a crown. We occasionally place a temporary tooth on the new implant to provide you with the best esthetic results.

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How are fees handled for this procedure?

The cost of dental implants depends heavily on a variety of details about each individual patient’s case. At the practice of James Mata, DDS, we bundle our services which means that the fee that we quote you at the time of consultation for a dental implant will include imaging (preoperative and postoperative), placement of your implant, your surgical guide, implant uncovering, and all follow up care.

We inform our patients of all fees up front so that there are no surprises. Anesthesia services may be billed separately and will add cost onto your case if you chose to have sedation with your procedure, but again, we will include this in your cost ahead of time.

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My dentist says that my dental implant reconstruction is complex. Will these add fees to my case?

Not necessarily. You may require advanced imaging in which a radiologist reviews your case which may add to the overall cost. Bone grafting for jaws that lack bone height and/or width is also common and can add cost to a case. However, this is all usually covered by dental insurance carriers.

Our aim is to keep costs down while providing you with the oral care you need, so we disclose all costs prior to surgery. Affordable surgical care that delivers optimal results is our top priority.

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Do dental implants hurt?

No! You will be under your choice of a variety of anesthesia options while in surgery, and you will not feel a thing. We keep the surgical site numb during the procedure, and as the anesthesia wears off later in the day, you’ll be able to monitor any discomfort with over-the-counter medications.

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